Virtual Clinic

In addition to virtual sessions that our therapists are currently providing to clients due to COVID-19 pandemic, some of our therapists have joined Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic which offers a platform for therapists to work with clients’ other health care providers collaboratively. The traditional mental health system can be overwhelming due to lengthy wait times and multiple opinions. Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic helps clients get swift access to psychiatric consultation through Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN). The Virtual Clinic connects clients with psychotherapists and psychiatrists through a secure online care platform (on a confidential, HIPAA compliant platform). This consultation will provide clients with necessary medications or a medication check, and if requested, assistance with diagnoses. With this collaborative care initiative, a clinical note will be sent directly to clients’ family physicians indicating what therapeutic interventions have occurred and the continued care the clients will receive. It is a team-based support system that will help clients get mental health care that fits their needs today.


More on Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic:

More information about the virtual clinic, please contact us.