yoga-sunset2Whether you are looking for personal growth and development, or help for some emotional or relationship issues, psychotherapy and counselling are worth your consideration. In psychotherapy and counselling, I apply scientifically validated procedures to help people develop positive thinking, manage their emotions in a healthy way, and learn more effective coping strategies in meeting the challenges in their lives. There are several approaches to psychotherapy- including cognitive-behavioral, emotion-focused and other kinds of talk therapy- that help individuals work through their problems and attain personal growth.

While drug therapy has become an increasing popular choice over the past decade, research shows that counselling and psychotherapy are just as effective, if not more so in certain cases. For instance, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy has a 66% success rate in treating mild and moderate Depression and 77% in Generalized Anxiety Disorder while having a lower drop out and relapse rates than using medications alone. Such effective treatment is usually completed within a short-term, solution-focused framework. (Sources: Clinical Section of the Canadian Psychological Association prepared by Dr. Keith Dobson and Dr. Michael J. Dugas)

The supportive, empathetic, and non-judgmental therapeutic environment I provide enables people to work collaboratively with me in identifying changes to thoughts and behaviors that are keeping them from feeling their best. They will not only have solved the problem that brought them in, but also learn new skills for growth and resilience building.